Topic: Uneven Tire Wear
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Uneven Tire Wear
Most uneven tire wear problems stem from car alignment or tire inflation problems. Here are the common problems:

Wear on one edge or sawtooth edges are caused by vehicle misalignment. Note the wear only on the outside edge of this tire (yellow circle). Also note the sawtooth edges on the inside edge of the tire(the red arrow points to the raised end of a section of the tire while the green arrow points to the lowered end of the same section. If you run your hand along the tire in the direction of the yellow arrow, you will feel the edges sticking up). If your tires show signs of vehicle misalignment, take it to your SUV dealer or to your tire dealer and they will properly align the vehicle.

Wear on both edges or wear only in the middle of a tire is caused by over or under inflation of the tire. Under inflation will wear both edges of the tire, will cause the tire to run hot, and will reduce gas millage. Over inflation will wear the middle section of the tire.

Check your tire pressures at least weekly to assure that they are inflated according to the specifications in your owners manual. Also check the sticker on the inside of the driver's side door for proper inflation pressures.
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