Topic: What About Tread Type?
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There are three tire tread types shown here. The top photo shows a very aggressive off-road tread. These tires are knobby in appearance and have wide, deep groves. These tires are meant to grip best in off-road situations and do very well in the mud and snow because the wide grooves allow the mud and snow to to get thrown out of the tire tread easier. These are the best tires to use on your SUV if you have a lot of very heavy winter snowy driving to do. They are however, noisy on the highway and they are not as smooth riding as the tires shown below.

The middle photograph shows the average SUV tire. It is designed for both regular highway driving as well as off-road use. Note that the grooves are much narrower and the tire is less knobby looking overall. The tighter tread pattern allows for quiet, smooth rides on dry pavement. These type tires are usually designed for high highway mileage. This tire has an M+S rating which means it is rated for driving in snow in most states without tire chains except in the most extreme winter conditions

The tire shown in the bottom photograph is a regular passenger car tire. It usually has straight grooves and no knobby appearance at all. These are the most economical tires to use on your SUV and will be the quietest. However, they offer the least traction in winter driving and are almost always NOT rated M+S. This means that in order to drive your SUV in the snow in most states, you will have to stop and put on chains. Using this type tire on your 4wd SUV during snowy winter months defeats the purpose of having 4wd in the first place.
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