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Tires are a subject about which one could write a complete book, which we will not do here. But there are several important subjects we would like to cover in the next few web pages.

If you are like most SUV owners, you probably take your vehicle off the road only occasionally. More probably, you use 4wd and good tires for winter driving in the rain, mud, or snow.

Your particular vehicle most likely came with original tires rated as Mud and Snow tires and sized just right for your vehicle. If you are ready to buy replacement tires, we suggest you strongly consider replacing them with identical tires. Those original tires were probably designed for good traction off the road or in winter driving conditions but with quiet performance in dry weather driving.

If you move to a tire more designed for off-road use (one with more aggressive tread), you will give up gas milage, tread life, and that nice quiet ride on the dry highway. If you move to a tire more designed for the highway, you will improve gas milage, and have a more quite ride. However, traction off the road and during winter driving will be diminished.

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