Topic: Rear Mounted Ski Racks for Your Sport Utility Vehicle
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There are a number of systems that allow the mounting of skis on the rear of your SUV. There are tire rack mounted systems and there are systems that allow you to attach a ski rack into the trailer hitch receiver on your SUV. Some people like to mount the skis on the back because of preference and some because of necessity (the Jeep in the middle photograph has a cloth top and mounting on top in this situation would be difficult.

Whether you mount your skis on the top of your SUV or on the rear, it is very important that you equip your skis with binding covers like the one shown in the bottom photograph. Poorly operating or corroded ski bindings are a very common cause of broken legs during falls.

Ski bindings are designed to pop the skis loose from the ski boots during falls. Binding covers will keep road sand and road salt, common on snow covered highways, from gumming up your ski bindings. Binding covers are sold at most ski shops.

Please refer to our web page Next Topic about cleaning your skis and bindings after a trip for SUV's with rear mounted ski racks.
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