Topic: Carrying Flowers, Shrubs and Dirt in your SUV
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Carrying Flowers and Shrubs in Your SUV
Sport Utility Vehicles have loads of cargo space and are ideal for chores like bringing home flowers and shrubs for springtime planting. SUV's are enclosed so the plants won't blow all over the place on the highway and can be locked so that your purchases are protected while you continue shopping.

Flowers and shrubs will leak water and mud and then soil the carpet found in the cargo area of most SUV's. When you buy small plants, ask the store to put the plants in plastic bags, just like those you get when you chose "Plastic" at the grocers checkout line. For larger flowers or cardboard boxes containing flowers, put plastic down under the boxes. The water from recently watered plants will leak right through the cardboard.

If you haul a lot of dirt, flowers, or shrubs in the rear of your SUV, consider a slip-in carpet liner or plastic or fiberglass bed liner designed especially for your vehicle. These liners will contain all spilled dirt, mud, or water and can be removed for easy cleaning. CAUTION: Never fill a gas container while it is inside your SUV, especially while it is resting on a plastic or fiberglass bed liner. Static buildup may cause an explosion and fire. Refer to our web page entitled Never Fill Gas Can Inside Vehicle for more information on this important safety issue.
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