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In the event of an accident, everything inside your SUV that is not tied down becomes a missile. Imagine you are driving down the road at 60 miles per hour and you have a head-on accident. You will go from 60 to 0 M.P.H. in about 1/10 of a second. Your seat belts and air-bags will likely save your life from the accident. But the heavy electric saw piled atop the boxes right behind your seat (top photo) will continue to travel at 60 miles per hour. What do you suppose is going to happen next?

A sharp or pointed object like a ski or shovel will go right through the seats like a spear and impale the front passengers.

Never pile loose objects into the rear of your SUV without thinking about where they are going to end up if you have an accident, particularly a frontal accident. Most SUV's have tie down hooks (red circles in bottom photo). Use them with netting or rope to securely fasten your stuff to the floor in the rear so that they do not move. You can also use plastic boxes like the one shown to store little items that can be dangerous flying around the inside of your SUV! Be sure to secure items like golf clubs and tools also.

There are a number of storage containers and tie-down options available to organize and store loose items in the rear of your SUV (see bottom picture). These solutions can significantly cut down on loose objects flying into passengers in case of accidents. Be sure to securely fasten any containers to the SUV itself so that it does not come loose in an accident.

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