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Stuff hanging out the side of your SUV Stuff sticking out the sides of your Sports utility vehicle is extremely dangerous and against the law almost everywhere. Pipes and other objects protruding from windows can hit other vehicles, bicyclists, or pedestrians. Nothing should stick out of the windows or hang over the sides on the left side of the vehicle beyond the fender line. On the right side, California law limits the protrusion to 6 inches.

Stuff sticking out the rear of your SUV is a problem also. First, there are restrictions as to how far rearward things can protrude from your vehicle. In California, things can protrude beyond your rear tailgate up to 2/3 the length of your vehicle wheelbase. And, anything sticking out the back 4 feet or more needs to have a red flag tied on it (or a red light at night). Check the regulations in your locality as they may differ from California.

More importantly, if you let things stick out the back of your SUV, this means that you must have the rear window open. Dangerous exhaust fumes will enter the vehicle in vast quantities (see yellow arrow in bottom photograph).

The best solution for hauling long objects is to to tie them to the top of your SUV. We'll cover this topic in much more detail a few web pages down the road Next Topic.
Stuff sticking out the back of your SUV
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