Topic: Everyday driving tips for SUV owners
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Even if you are the adventurous type who will take your Sport Utility Vehicle off the road, you will probably spend much more time driving around town. Running errands, going to and from work, taking the kids to school, and visiting friends are just a few of the thousands of ways you will use your SUV.

Driving your SUV or four wheel drive pickup around town is just like driving another vehicle around town in most respects. However, because you have a Sports Utility Vehicle or pickup, you may use the utility part for some tasks not suitable for ordinary cars. That's the whole idea of owning this type of vehicle!

We will cover the special uses SUV's afford you and your family including tying stuff on top, carrying stuff inside, hauling firewood, and other topics unique to using an SUV around town.

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  Topics in this section
     Around the Town
     Hauling Stuff
         How Much Weight Can I Carry?
             Total Vehicle Weight
             Weight Limits-Racks Mounted on Your SUV
         Stuff Sticking Out the Back or Sides
         Carrying Stuff Inside Your SUV
             Tying Down Stuff Inside Your SUV
             Flowers and Shrubs and Other Dirty Stuff
         Carrying Stuff on Top of Your SUV
             Cargo Carriers
             Boats and Kayaks
             Skis and Snow Boards
             Special Note for Skis and Snow Boards
             Lumber and Building Materials
             Techniques for Tying Down Loads
         Carrying Stuff on the Back of Your SUV
             Skis and Snow Boards
             Cargo Carriers
             Rear Overhang Warning
         Hauling Stuff Behind Your SUV
     What About Tires ?
         What About Tire Type
         What About Tread Type
         Tire Tread Depth
         Uneven Tire Wear
         Rotating Your Tires
     Miscellaneous Around Town Driving Tips
         Passing in Curves
Truck Loads
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