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Never fill a metal or plastic gas container in the back of your SUV(top photo) or pick-up truck (middle photo), because carpet, wood, and plastic bed liners will insulate the gas can from ground. There is a serious danger of a fire starting from static electricity. Always fill a gas container while it is sitting on the ground as shown in the bottom photograph.

Below is the actual technical bulletin from Chevron.

"FILLING METAL GASOLINE CANS PLACED ON PLASTIC SURFACES CREATES FIRE DANGER. Several vehicle fires have resulted at Chevron service stations as a result of customers filling portable gasoline containers (gas cans) placed on plastic surfaces. The fires have involved a gas can in the back of a pick-up truck with a plastic bed liner. The insulating effect of the plastic surface prevents the static charge generated by the gasoline flowing into the gas can from grounding. As static charge builds it can create a static spark between the gas can and the fuel nozzle. When the spark occurs in the flammable range in the gasoline vapor space near the open mouth of the gas can, a fire occurs. How to Fill a Gas Can to Minimize the Danger of Fire: Use only an approved container. Do not fill any container while it is inside a vehicle, a vehicle's trunk, pick-up bed, or on any surface other than the ground. This includes pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and others. Remove the approved container from the vehicle and place it on the ground a safe distance away from the vehicle, other customers and traffic . Keep the nozzle in contact with the can during filling. Never use a latch-open device to fill a portable container. Follow all other safety procedures, including No Smoking."
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