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Imagine you are sitting on the 50 yard line at your favorite football game. Suddenly a car comes speeding on to the field from the left. As the fans scream in horror, the driver, just as he crosses the goal line on the left, realizes his mistake and brakes hard to avoid striking any of the players gathered at the other end of the field (little black dots).

The white lines* represent how far the average car will travel down the 300 foot length of the field (green area) at various speeds. Note that a car traveling 60 miles an hour will travel from one goal post to the other and that those traveling 70 and 80 miles per hour will be all the way out in the parking lot before they can stop!
Take a closer look at the car traveling 60 miles per hour. Notice that the car does not even begin to slow down until about the 50 yard line, or half way across the field. This represents the approximate distance the average car will travel between the time the driver recognizes his need to stop and the actual start of breaking. This is called "driver reaction time", about 1.5 seconds. And you should notice that it takes only 3 to 4 seconds to travel the entire length of the field.

This is the reason you so often hear traffic officers and other safety experts telling you to drive more slowly and give your self plenty of room between yourself and the cars in front of you. You need time to react to a developing situation out in front and you need even more time to then get your car slowed or stopped.

*Above information based on full braking on dry, level pavement, with an average reaction time of 1.5 seconds.
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