Topic: Speed In An SUV Can Be Your Worst Enemy
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<--- Here, high speed counts, BIG TIME! But in your daily driving, and particularly when weather conditions are severe, slower is always better (unless you are impeding traffic). National highway statistics reveal that driving too fast for the conditions present on the roadway is a contributing factor in a very high percentage of accidents.

While the higher vehicle profile of most Sport Utility Vehicles give their drivers better visibility of the road and traffic conditions ahead, most are also heavier. Some can require longer stopping distances than their smaller car neighbors on the highway.

Our roadways are not racetracks! Give yourself, your family, and all your fellow travelers a big advantage by keeping your speed down. You would be astounded about the difference in the death and serious injury rate between vehicles in accidents that were traveling 70-80 MPH and those that were traveling 55-65! Many Sport Utility Vehicles today are being built like Lincoln's and Cadallics. They are big, heavy, quiet inside, and many ride almost as well. It's easy to cruse along at 80 mph and never realize how fast your are going.

Above all, SUV One would like to encourage all Sport Utility Vehicle owners to take a leadership role in driving at safe speeds.
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