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Chevrolet Suburban towing a boat

Whether your 4 wheel drive vehicle is a Chevrolet Surburban (above) or a Ford pick up(right), this Education Center has valuable information for you. Perhaps you use your 4wd for work or perhaps for play; it makes no difference. This training course will provide you lots of information to supplant the information your dealer told you about your SUV or 4wd pickup truck.

We have covered every aspect of using your SUV's 4 wheel drive features. You will visit exciting places and do things with your car you never dreamed possible. And we will encourage to do so safely and with concern for our environment.

Be aware that, if you are a serious off-road driver, you will NOT find all you might like to see here. This training course is for the novice owner of an expensive SUV or 4wd pickup truck and is not intended to cover subjects such as off-road racing and the more serious off-road treks such as the Rubicon Run near Lake Tahoe, California.

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Ford F150 Truck
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     Who Needs SUV's Anyway?
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     Important SUV Safety Considerations
         SUV's Provide Improved Visibility
         SUV's Have Higher Roll-Over Danger
         Sometimes Provides Increased Crash Protection
         Speed In An SUV Can Be Your Worst Enemy
         Stopping Distance Chart
         Give Your Fellow Travelers Some Visibility
         Never Fill Gas Can Inside Vehicle
     Maintaining Your SUV
         Cleaning The Underbody
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