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Ford Expedition rides high again
The redesigned 2003 Expedition heralds the start of a more tame era of sophistication in big sport-utility vehicles. The most dramatic changes are in the Expedition`s cabin.
Seat belts save lives of Ford Explorer occupants
The Explorer rolled once and slammed into a tree, leaving both occupants with minor injuries. ``The seat belts are what saved them``, officers said.
European Carmakers Launch Assault on U.S. SUV Market
European automakers pulled the wraps off a wide range of high-end sport utility vehicles and models that blend traits at the Detroit auto show this week, targeting their next assault on the lucrative U.S. market.

Volvo SUV wrapped in safety
DETROIT -- Volvo, heralding its entry into the crowded sport-utility vehicle market Monday, vowed the new XC90 won`t compromise its reputation for top-notch safety.
Trucks (including SUV`s) likely edged cars in 2001 sales
Light trucks — pickups, sport-utility vehicles and minivans — likely outsold cars in 2001 for the first time in history.
Resolved to safer driving in 2002
While many people begin the new year resolved to lose weight or stop smoking, one of the best ways to ensure a happy new year is to try to drive safer. This is an excellent article on common driving habits you can change that may save your life this year!
SUV Drivers can reduce rollovers
A driving instructor says his school has serendipitously discovered a cause for many sport-utility vehicle rollover accidents, and has a cure
Seat Belt Saves Woman In Rollover Accident
Another story that points our continuing emphasis about wearing your seat belts.
Explorer gets good scores in insurance crash test
DETROIT, Dec 11 (Reuters) - An insurance industry research firm said on Tuesday that the Ford Explorer had earned its top grades for crash tests.
Consumers keep on truckin` in record numbers
Tempted by no-interest loans on every kind of vehicle from Corvettes to Crown Victorias and minivans to econo-boxes, Americans rushed out in record numbers last month to buy — trucks!
New Explorer passes magazine`s test
Ford Motor can exhale. Influential magazine Consumer Reports likes the 2002 Ford Explorer. The September issue, out Aug. 17, says, ``The redesigned Ford Explorer leads this pack`` of six mainstream, midsize, sport-utility vehicles tested, including a new design from General Motors presumed to be a big threat to Explorer.
Small SUVs catch on, especially with women
Sales of small sport-utility vehicles are roaring — up 37% this year from last, on track to hit 1 million — while the rest of the new vehicle market is idling. Automakers who want brand-loyal female buyers have feared that feminizing trucks would drive off men. But small SUVs seem to have the formula: 44% of Escape buyers are women, vs. 32% of Explorer buyers; women are 55% of Liberty buyers vs. 40% for predecessor Cherokee.
Suzanne Cloud of Collingswood will vandalize your SUV if she gets the chance.
Suzanne Cloud, 49, of Collingswood, is joining other Americans in a mission to embarrass SUV owners by plastering stickers on their bumpers. They say that SUVs are dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and unnecessary for city and suburban driving.
NHTSA Begin Jeep Investigation
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating complaints that Jeep Grand Cherokees may have a defect that causes them to suddenly switch into reverse, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.
Really love Shaq? Here`s a $50,000 souvenir
Fans of Shaquille O`Neal can buy the tricked-out Ford Shaq SST Expedition — the first time an athlete`s name will appear on an automaker`s vehicle.
SUVs claim keys to more drivers` hearts
``Sport utilities will replace midsize cars as the most popular vehicle in the country within the next 5 years,`` Power analyst Tom Libby predicts.
SUVs still going strong
Experts say the sport-ute trend has not peaked — nor do they expect it to anytime soon.
Feinstein bill focuses on gas-guzzling SUVs / It would hold them to same fuel efficiency standard as cars
Calling Americans ``energy gluttons,`` Sen. Dianne Feinstein said yesterday she wants to force the nation`s most popular selling vehicles -- SUVs -- to guzzle less gas.
GM says its new SUV is unsafe at any speed
Calling its new midsize sport utility vehicles unsafe at any speed because of a faulty suspension part, General Motors Corp. on Thursday told 6,000 owners to stop driving them until they can be fixed. GM also said it was temporarily halting production of the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada SUVs, which went on sale this year.
SUVs: They aren`t a ride on wild side
TV ads convey a dangerously misleading message about SUVs. Instead of emphasizing the different ride and handling characteristics of SUVs, these ads imply the vehicles can be driven with wild abandon, as if they were high-performance sports cars. The hype may help the automakers sell more SUVs, but it is at least contributing to the problem of accidents -- especially high-speed rollover accidents -- involving SUVs.
Another SUV tells authorities where to find it`s abductors
Two young men allegedly sent to rob and kill a Yakima apple baron were supposed to steal the man`s Italian sports but they went for the big sport-utility vehicle instead - one equipped with a dashboard navigation system, authorities said. The OnStar system in the GMC Yukon uses a global-positioning satellite system to keep track of where the car goes, and that helped Yakima County sheriff`s detectives find the vehicle and ultimately make three arrests, Lt. Dan Garcia said yesterday.
Fort Worth man, 25, killed in SUV Crash
Hmmmmmm... Seems to be a trend here. Roll over an SUV while wearing a seat belt and live to tell about it. Roll one over without a seat belt and become a fatality statistic!
SUV gets stuck on recreation trail
Here`s another story about people unprepared for winter travel in an area they are not familiar with.
High-tech SUV sends thieves a message
General Motors Corp. calls its latest electronic gizmo OnStar and touts it as a concierge in your car. Yesterday, a driver found a new use for the service - retriever of stolen cars.
Jeeps take care of junk
Many jeep club members spend their weekends cleaning up others` trash. Here is a story about how off-road vehicle owners help to keep our environment clean.
SUV rolls on icy freeway
An incredible story (with video) of an SUV roll over accident where the three occupants walked away without a scratch! They were all wearing their seat belts!
Satellite leads police to stolen SUV
New General Motors technology in a GMC Yukon leads police quickly to a stolen SUV.
Vandals Attack SUVs In Portland Neighborhood
Watch out! You may be the next target of some nutcase. PORTLAND, 6:48 p.m. PST February 11, 2001 -- A political statement apparently fueled a rash of vandalism against sport utility vehicles in a northeast Portland neighborhood early Saturday morning.
Porsche plans to enter U.S. SUV market next year
Porsche AG said yesterday the Cayenne sport utility vehicle it plans to launch next year should ensure the luxury automaker`s independence and spice up a crowded segment.
Six Hurt As SUV Flips on Beltway
A small sport-utility vehicle loaded with six teenagers and young adults rolled over and crashed Saturday night on the Capital Beltway, ejecting five of the occupants onto the road, critically injuring one, Maryland State Police reported yesterday. The driver, who sustained minor injuries, was the only person in the two-door, soft-top 1996 Geo Tracker who was wearing a seat belt and the only person not thrown from the vehicle, police said.
BLM clamps down on OHV use at Moab
The Moab experience has traditionally been go where you want, do what you want and camp where you want. But new rules, implemented by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management`s Moab field office, are going to change that.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Rollover Resistance Ratings
Important findings from NHTSA about roll over accidents, ratings, and how to avoid roll over accidents. Be sure to look at the links to figures 6,7,8,9 near the middle and bottom of the page.
SUV owners charge merrily over snowy roads
The SUV was King of the Road as a thick blanket of snow left many two-wheel-drive vehicles unusable or hopelessly mired in roadside snowbanks. This is why people buy SUV’s!
Environmentalists looking to stick it to SUV Drivers
Are you one of the 60 million SUV Owners? Watch out if you go to the San Francisco Bay Area!
Insurers Raise Rates for SUVs, Other Big Vehicles
NEW YORK, Dec. 2 –– Two insurance companies are raising liability premiums for sport utility vehicles, pickups and big vans because of evidence they cause more damage in accidents, the New York Times reported today.
In SUV redesign, safety is a priority
The new SUVs that will appear on the market in the coming months will be part of a generation designed to address rollover problems. They also represent a shift in focus for automakers from emphasizing power, space and towing power to providing a car-like feel that puts drivers more at ease.

Ford, GM prepare for colossal battle of the SUVs
There`s a major battle just over the horizon between the world`s two largest automakers for primacy among buyers of medium-sized sport utility vehicles.
Bad news for motorists: Deer population exploding
More than 25 million deer are out there, and you know what that means: Trophies to hang on the wall for some, damaged cars to repair for others. This article contains many good tips to help keep you from hitting deer (and other large herd animals) on the highway.
Crashes, casualties call into question safety of SUV roofs
Major statistics showing serious injuries and deaths in SUV roll over accidents come from NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS! The article states “Some 78 percent of the 1999 fatalities were drivers and passengers who were not wearing their seat belts, according to the Department of Transportation`s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, which tracks every fatality that occurs on public highways.”
Ford Advises Inflating SUV Tires to 30 PSI
Ford Motor Co. yesterday accepted Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.`s new recommendation and advised consumers to inflate the tires on Explorer sport-utility vehicles to 30 pounds of air per square inch. For years both companies had recommended 26 psi.
SUVs no cure for bad winter driving
Winter is coming! Review this article from last January for Winter Driving Tips and information about why so many SUV drivers will wreck their vehicles this winter.
Tracking device helps Tampa Bay police find carjacked SUV
These on board navigation systems really do work! Deputies can vouch for ``OnStar`` - General Motors satellite-based global positioning navigation system. They used it to successfully track a carjacker of an SUV from space across two counties.
Man killed after hitting signpost in SUV - Not wearing seat belts
Here`s another recent example of the consequences of not wearing a seat belt!
SUV Stampede Just Keeps on Truckin`
It appears that there will be no end to the industry`s headlong rush toward SUVs.
Users see Internet as key information source
The Internet is considered a more important source for information than TV or radio by those who use online technology, according to a UCLA report released on Wednesday.
People are useing Wal-Mart parking lots as campgrounds
The parking lots of the famous national discount retailer are drawing travelers by the thousands to camp out, city-style.
Despite warnings, e-mail hoaxes still fooling people
SUV One would like our visitors to watch out for e-mail hoaxes.
Boater launches SUV instead: - Family gets out safely before vehicle sinks in Steel Lake
Officer Bob Schubert said when launching a boat, drivers should remember to turn off their vehicles, put gearshifts in park and make sure the emergency brakes are on. Hmmm. Sounds like something SUV One continually emphasizes.
Couple die in SUV after vehicle hydroplaned in sudden downpour
State troopers said the Kia Sportage apparently hydroplaned during a sudden rainstorm shortly after 5 a.m., crossed over the median of Interstate 10 in south Mobile County and was crushed by a tractor-trailer rig in an opposite lane. The small SUV came to a stop in the median.
Ethics hound SUV debate
A couple of ethics writers (and SUV owners themselves) pontificate on the ethics of SUV ownership.
Brentwood High mourns victims killed in SUV roll over accident
Brentwood High School students, emotionally devastated by the weekend deaths of four schoolmates on their way home from a spring break trip. A Tennessee Highway Patrol investigator said the vehicle wandered into the I-65 median and then overcorrected. The SUV flipped, ejecting the five BHS juniors. None was wearing a seat belt.
When the meek shall inherit SUVs
Today there are two kinds of drivers - sports utility vehicle owners and haters. SUV owners love the vehicle, while SUV haters passionately despise everything associated with SUVs, especially their arrogant and selfish drivers.
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